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REDEHAVU Foundation
Fundación Redevahu

Redevahu: Rescue & Development of Human Values

A significant porcentaje of the profits our Group generates are donated to our Redevahu Foundation.  We also channel through this leaflet donations that will be properly employed by students that will benefit  from them. 

Same of the Foundation’s goals are:
 - Sponsor, plan and carry out seminars, symposies, workshops, conferences, courses, debates, etc.  to expound programs that stimulate the capacity to learn, the educations of leaders with strong personality, closely in touch with their social and natural milien and full of positive ideas.  The Foundation Hill promote theses plans, with its own resources, through educational institutions and social organizations.  

- The Redevahu Foundation promotes knowledge and the application of the same through informal channels such as music, dance, acting and plastic arts, thus enabling citizens to educate themselves.   
-  Carry out activities for low income people within the cultural, social, scientific and recreational fields
- Maintain fraternal relations with similar institutions and strenghthen them by means of cultural, social and sport programs.  
- Promote everything related with Redevahu (Rescue and development of Human Values)
- Association with local or foreing institutions envolved with similar activities.   
- Through either loan or donations obtain financing firm people or organization, both locally and abroad, for the promotion and the development of its activities.    
-  As Redevahu Foundation, we have worked with Fasinarm, Muchacho Trabajador (Working boy) and La Casa Infante Juvenil (Infant-Juvenile House) in Guayaquil.

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